Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jim Walsh to Speak at This Year's Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival!

Jim Walsh, CEO of the organic, ethical gourmet chocolate company Intentional Chocolate "Cracks the Cosmic Egg"!

As you may know, Jim Walsh is the CEO of HESA Institute and the CEO of Intentional Chocolate.This year, he is one of the speakers at this year’s Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival! Jim will present the short film, “Cracking the Cosmic Egg” which he describes as being "the new frontier in human energy systems where science, spirituality and nutrition all combine to provide maximum health benefits for mankind".

Here's a lovely clip providing more information about the festival:

The festival is September 18-20, 2009. Visit their website here for more wonderful sights & sounds!


  1. This is a very significant festival for anyone interested in spiritual thinking. Thanks for covering it and sharing you good intentions.

  2. We would have really enjoyed to go to this - hopefully, next time :) Thanks for the video link.

  3. one more comment from me to appreciate your work

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  5. Hi! I've seen the exhibition. Great idea and really lovely work! You've managed to gather a beautiful compilation of absolutely gorgeous crochet work. the video give me a lot of ideas to do!! thanks for sharing!22dd


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