Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intentional Chocolate™ Webisodes

My production company, A-Okay Media Group, had the wonderful opportunity to create from concept to creation a webisode for Intentional Chocolate™. I thought it would be fun for those following to hear about our process.

At inception we came up with a script that reflected the company’s beliefs while injecting into it our own concepts that of story telling with levity. The result was an entertaining educational piece helping people understand how to set intention which can seem so daunting and elusive. Production was a synergistic event; perfect locations popped up for use, an amazing crew came out of the woodwork, talented actors committed to the project. It was enjoyable to watch the words we placed on the page come to life. Once filming commenced, I switched hats and became the acting Ashley while my business partner put on the director’s cap. Juggling the many hats is always a challenge but one that both of us find not only rewarding but a total blast! It allows us to be there creating at every step.

We here at A-Okay believe in setting our intentions and find that the use of this practice has helped launch our company and lead us on the right path of success and happiness.

Visit Intentional Chocolate on youtube

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Intention Jewelry—Living an Intentional Life

As a part of living an Intentional life we have introduced a new item: Intentional Jewelry. Utilize this line of Intentional Jewelry as a daily reminder. Create your own Intention, wear the jewelry and then throughout the day touch the jewelry as a reminder of your Intention. That moment of remembrance will enhance the power of your Intention and the inherent energies of the gemstone.

Intentional Jewelry is made from the highest quality gemstones hand picked and hand strung. They were chosen for their inherent ability to receive and hold Intention. Each gemstone is unique in its manifesting & healing properties. The featured gemstone of the day is Lapis Lazuli:


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Technology of Intention

At first glance Technology and Intention seem to make strange bedfellows. Technology has a cool, unfeeling, matter-of-fact demeanor. Intention is cozy and warm with feeling, emotion, desire, and belief. What would they be doing together? Surprisingly, the more closely we look at the power of intention the more we are seeing that it is indeed a technology. A highly evolved one at that.

Since this is my inaugural blog, I would like to share how I came to this world of intention and its beneficial technology.

Years ago, on the banks of the Bio-Bio river in the Andes of Chile, semi-paralyzed after a serious whitewater rafting accident, I was told by the expedition doctor I would never make it out of the canyon alive. He pressed me to write farewell letters to loved ones in the time left.

Little did I know this was to be my initiation to the life changing power of intention.

I wrote the letters. In a foreign country, surrounded by strangers, on top of stark, lifeless mountains, saying goodbye to my life, I experienced a crystal clear intention to survive. The intent partnered with a crazy desire in the deepest part of my being to do everything I could to make it happen. A tall order when you can’t walk and the nearest alpine hospital was 10 hours away over rough terrain. So trust and surrender were required. I had no idea at the time these were essential components of intention - clear focus, deep emotion, sacrifice, trust and surrender to relationship (more on this later).

This is my example of the personal side of intention. Similar experiences have happened to everyone in one form or another. Mind affecting the stuff we are made of. Yes, I survived. No, I didn’t know how to make it happen again.

Fast forward to today. Over my 25 years in the food business, growing crops, producing and distributing products to millions of people, it became increasingly clear to me that the food we eat is not energetically whole. The pattern of information/energy contained in food in its most natural form is whole. More often than not by time it gets to our plates the information pattern is partial at best with the only energy remaining bio-chemical. I began looking for technology to restore its whole informational/intentional pattern. The research led me to the physics department of several major universities, including the University of Wisconsin. Expecting them to suggest new methods of restoring quantum coherence through non-local interactions, I was surprised when instead they talked about an existing technology. One perfected over 3000 years. Tibetan meditators, they told me, have consistently demonstrated mind-matter interactions and there are workable theories on how to embed and capture patterns of intentional coherence that stem from meditation – particularly long term meditators (practice apparently does make perfect!).

We tried it. We tested it. It worked.

By combining ancient technology with new we were able to use intention to positively affect the whole qualities of chocolate and the well being of those who ate it (wellness is the base intention embedded in the chocolate). We confirmed our results through double blind, placebo based methods. You can read more about the experiment and its results at HYPERLINK "http://www.intentionalchocolate.com/" IntentionalChocolate.com.

Now we know there is a method for repeating intentional results. A real technology.

So what does this tell us about these strange bedfellows intention & technology? The answer seems to point to a relationship with a level of information available to us all, given the proper conditions (like my experience in Chile or the practices of long term meditators). We ask the questions. Responses come and are available to us all. The same qualities that make for a good relationship define the necessary elements of the intentional technology. We will explore those qualities and that relationship in upcoming posts.