Friday, March 5, 2010

Kind Words About Intentional Chocolate on !

Dark chocolate lovers are everywhere, aren't they?

Here is a wonderfully sweet article on this week featuring Intentional Chocolate! Have a peek at this excerpt:

"...Basically, in Buddhism there’s the idea of metta, which means loving-kindness. When you cook food with the intention of metta, the recipients will experience some of that goodness. In the Intentional Chocolate case, they say studies show that you’ll feel less stress and more energized three days after eating them.

They even claim that it will move the body toward healing. They don’t promise a cancer cure, but they do mention it, and guarantee that the chocolate will activate your own healing capacities. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Last but not least, the chocolate was developed in cooperation with the HESA Institute (the Human Energy Systems Alliance), highly praised by the Dalai Lama for its "contribution to the betterment of the world." Eat chocolate and make the world a better, healthier place? Sounds good to us!"

FInd the rest of this delicious article here.


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  4. Good news…… I will let my mother read this article for her to know that eating chocolates have health benefits studies show that you’ll feel less stress and more energized three days after eating them. Because she always tells me that chocolates are bad for my health...Now is the time to say its not! Thanks for sharing

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